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PAPER PLANES out now on Spotify & Apple Music! 

Paper Planes is out now on Spotify & Apple Music!
(and on all other music streaming services)

Please go give it a listen! Click on the links below:

⌲ SPOTIFY     ||     ⌲ APPLE MUSIC

Hope you guys enjoy. THANK YOU!!!

Blessings, ?
The BellyLoaders Team ✈︎

p.s. YouTube lyric video to follow...

#stayhungry #thebellyloaders 
#paperplanes #debutsingle



It’s here! Thank you for waiting so patiently. ? 

Please give it a listen on our SoundCloud & Official Website:


#Dakota is a song of nostalgia, a song of retrospect. A song about loss and of regret. Of mistakes and of redemption.  

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to everyone who has been with us since the #beginning. At the end of the day, it is YOU listening to and enjoying our music that propels us forward and fuels our creativity on the daily. We are humbled and pumped that you believe in our music.  

A HUGE thank you and shoutout to our dear friend Jason Jackson! He co-produced and co-wrote this song, and played that mean sax on the track! ??

Please check out his works here:

This is only the beginning. #stayhungry #thebellyloaders 

Much love, 
The BellyLoaders Team ✈